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Freedom, by the way:

This is what we get for the horrible budget deal congress cut last August–they can’t  balance a budget so in ride automatic cuts to families that deserve it least, our military families.

 Is the refi on your mortage, courtesy of Uncle Sam, worth cutting $225 a month combat pay for our military? What about your payroll tax? And ironically, the military doesn’t have a “union” to back them up or “negotiate” pay.

What would you have to cut out of your family budget if your pay were cut by $225 a month? Cell phone? Satellite TV? College savings account?

Originally posted on PUMABydesign001's Blog:

Image courtesy of Politifake.

Image courtesy of Politifake.


“President Obama’s latest policy outrage makes no attempt to hide his contempt for our military, as he is ordering that our troops serving overseas in war zones overseas are not to receive combat pay unless they are being shot at, or at risk of being injured by hostile aggression.…

…According to, and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (H.R. 1540-7 Sec 616) as of February 1, 2012, this new measure went into effect, and soldiers who are to receive the additional $225/mo. combat pay ‘must’ be in immediate risk of harm. The measure is very specific in its criteria for receiving the additonal pay.

‘The rules for Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay have changed. Service members will now receive imminent danger pay only for days they actually spend in hazardous areas. This change went in effect on February 1, 2012.

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  1. AFVET
    February 6, 2012

    Thanks for posting this Freedom.
    You are doing us Patriots a favor by exposing the debacle that exists in Washington, D.C.
    The very thought of reducing the troops and then reducing the pay of the troops that are left is an indication of the cold bastard that is in control of this Country.
    Just another indication of his disdain for the finest people this Country has and will produce in the future.
    It is in our nature to promote individuals who embrace duty and honor.
    America did not just appear on the horizon, rather, We the People created it through blood and sweat and a tireless adherence to the Constitution.
    Now, a sitting member of the US Supreme Court has advised Egypt to refrain from adopting the model of the Constitution of the United States of America.
    She should not be allowed to sit on the bench. She has essentially spit on the oath she took.
    Lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court is a mistake of the highest magnitude.

    Ginsburg was appointed by Bill Clinton.
    She needs to be impeached also.

    • Christine Bushong
      February 6, 2012

      I agree . It’s time to get her out . If she’s not standing up for the Constitution of the United States like she swore she would do, it’s time to impeach her right along with the so called president we have now because he isn’t protecting our Constitution either !!

  2. Christine Bushong
    February 6, 2012

    Alright , make President Barack Obama and his wife repay all the wasteful spending they have been doing and give it to our military people that he is robbing . They deserve it way more than he does . I’m a tax payer and he is suppose to be working for me . I think he should be impeached !

  3. Heather
    February 6, 2012

    I don’t understand…I can’t posted my darned comment?! Did president Obama put a block on your blog?????

    • Freedom, by the way
      February 6, 2012

      If only my little blog were so important…for some reason your comment ended up in triplicate in my spam folder. I’ve noticed this happening when there are multiple links in a comment, which I allow, but I guess WP is being over cautious.

  4. Heather
    February 6, 2012

    Oops! When I had “Notify me of follow-up comments via email”, it would not take the comment…Here it is:

    This concerns me very much so I looked further into it.

    Many of the soldiers actually return to these same areas and work as contractors for “private” companies for SIX FIGURES. So in a (backwards way) our government does pay what they are worth (and they are worth this!) but only when the work for “Privatized Businesses” to secure resources for the free market. It’s a booming industry and I think your readers would be in great support of this…. Here is more:

    It should be noted that this same law actually raises pay for the ENTIRE military by (yes, a shamefully meager) 1.6%. See more here: So there is a net gain for the soldier, even when his/her hazard pay has been cut.

    President Obama did not write this law. Anyone in Congress could have come up with the good and bad in it. As the president, he had to sign it as a mixed bag.

    Freedom, thank you for connecting me with the economic site. He makes a good case and gets my mind moving.

    • Freedom, by the way
      February 6, 2012

      I look forward to visiting the links and checking this out. Personally, I have no problem with ex-military using their experience in the private sector–but for every vet that gets a six figure job like that there are many others that return from combat duty to the US and are fighting to get a good job. Glad you found the economic site worthwhile.

      • AFVET
        February 6, 2012

        She put the same article over on D’s blog.

      • PUMAbydesign001
        February 6, 2012

        Thank you for re-posting Freedom and RH. Not only is Obama doing a major injustice to our troops and their families, he is jeopardizing the lives of our heroes.

        Everything that comes from this administration is an assault on the country and our liberties.

        This is too much and people need to hear about what their beloved Obama is up to.

        1.6% pay increase is hardly anything brag about. Considering how much local and state law enforcement are paid, I believe that our military deserves much more. Moreover, while it was Geoff Davis who wrote the amendment modifying hazard combat pay for our military, it should be noted that the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 was bipartisan.

        Indeed, Barack Obama was very much involved in the preparation of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012.

        In fact the game plan to implement the draconian legislation wherein Obama has the right to indefinitely detain Americans he deems a terrorist without legal counsel, charges or trial dates back as far back as spring 2009.

        Even scarier is that while many in Congress submitted amendments to exclude indefinite detention from NDAA, Obama himself insisted upon legislation giving him the right to detain Americans without counsel, charges or trial indefinitely.

        Finally, Obama’s two and half week declaration that he would veto NDAA, as with all things Obama, was a lie.

        NDAA is Obama’s brainchild, hence, he had no intention of vetoing said legislation which is why he waited until the cover of night, New Year’s Eve to signed the bill into legislation.

      • PUMAbydesign001
        February 6, 2012

        P.S. Oops, forgot to include a link.

        DOD Begins PRORATING Imminent Danger Pay

        “WASHINGTON, Feb. 2, 2012 – Service members now will receive imminent danger pay ONLY for days they actually spend in hazardous areas, Pentagon officials said here today.
        The change, which took effect yesterday, was included in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, which President Barack Obama signed into law Dec. 31.
        ‘Members will see the prorated amount in their Feb. 15 pay records,’ Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. John Kirby said.
        The act called for DOD to pay service members imminent danger pay only for the time they spend in areas that qualify for the pay. In the past, service members received $225 per month if they spent any time that month in an area where the pay was authorized. ‘This is a more targeted way of handling that pay,’ Kirby said.
        Now, service members will receive $7.50 a day for days spent in these areas. Personnel who travel to the designated areas for periods less than 30 days should keep track of the number of days they are in the area to verify that they are paid for the correct number of days, officials said…”

        In some instances, there are those who will see this as a pay cut.

    • eof737
      February 6, 2012

      Thanks for the additional information Heather!
      Thanks for broaching the subject Freedom. ;-)

  5. Enlilav
    February 6, 2012

    Let’s find out how many thousands/millions the Obamas have spent on lavish parties at the White House or on their vacations…all taxpayer money!

  6. Always On Watch
    February 7, 2012

    Thank God that my USMC cousin has returned from Afghanistan.

    He’s been toying with the idea of no re-enlisting, and this latest travesty on the part of BHO will, no doubt, cause my cousin not to re-enlist.

    A cut of $225/month would cause this household to lose satellite TV and both cell phones. I’d have to sell off possessions, too.

    • Anonymous
      February 7, 2012

      He may want to reconsider not re-enlisting given Obamas job market.
      It might depend on what he does to serve the Country.

  7. Bob Mack
    February 7, 2012

    I left this comment at Cheers as well:

    Back in my day, you received combat pay (a hefty 50 extra bucks a month for my grade) if you were stationed in any area designated as a combat zone (no such thing as imminent danger–if you were anywhere in the zone, you were in trouble). No one, especially Barack Obama and the damn Democrats, can predict just where or when hostilities will erupt. In ’68, for example, MACV, the pols & the news media were all wetting their pants about the siege at Khe Sanh, but on Jan. 30th, the NVA starting hitting everyplace but. Everybody in-country became a rifleman, including the cooks.

    • AFVET
      February 7, 2012

      I agree Bob.
      What some of these troops are up against is a firing squad that they cannot see.
      No uniforms, no tanks, no trucks.
      Hiding behind civilians.
      Not a level field of battle.
      To take what was called hazardous duty pay away from them is deplorable, but consistent with the philosophies of the leftist puss we allowed to sit in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      • Freedom, by the way
        February 7, 2012

        AFVET, Bob–I really appreciate your POV since you have served hazardous duty for our country.

  8. Bill of Rights
    February 7, 2012

    That is such total crap! That’s like saying, “Thanks for putting your life on the line, leaving you friends, family and home, but your life and commitment isn’t worth $225.”

    But my second thought is, our troops only get $225 a month for combat pay? Why are we talking about getting rid of it when we need to be increasing it. They didn’t start the wars, they can’t even finish them properly with the politicians running things.

    • Freedom, by the way
      February 7, 2012

      Welcome to this lively discoussion, Bill of Rights.

      • AFVET
        February 10, 2012

        One clarification Freedom on your above comment.
        Bob Mack is a Vietnam veteran as he was in country. (combat pay).
        I am a Vietnam Era veteran, as I was never in country but served during the Vietnam ‘conflict’. ’69 to ’73.
        I was stationed in the Philippine Islands, close, but no Vietnam.
        I did not receive any combat pay.
        My job was to maintain secure communications.

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  10. Heather
    February 7, 2012

    Thanks Freedom!

    And PUMA thanks for the links. I checked them out.

    Regarding Council governors:

    “The Council of Governors will provide an invaluable Senior Administration forum for exchanging views with State and local officials on strengthening our National resilience and the homeland defense and civil support challenges facing our Nation today and in the future.”

    Frankly, this sounds like improved communication to me. It’s a “forum for exhanging views” which is necessary for states and the federal government to work more effectively together — whether it’s preparing for tornadoes, earthquakes or disaster.

    I don’t worry about this because chances are even if Obama is the scary man people think he is (I don’t), people in this country are NOT going to follow lock-step with ideology. This is not fascist China.We are too lazy to organize when the ideas are complex.

    The paranoia of this sort of thing I worry about more. It’s toxic. It’s hurting US more than it is hurting HIM. This White House has made its actions and laws more transparent than any before. You even posted that link from the White House.

    The detainee situation is concerning. So is getting out of the wars. There is no easy, clean way to deal with this. Because of this policy and our continued presence in foreign countries transitioned similarly from Bush (Rep) to Obama (Dem) I think there are other reasons all of these decisions are being made. That does concern me.

    I can’t hear the audio on the other video you have there but I read the “Anonymous” report. That is a total propaganda piece. Why would the Colin Powell’s guy show his face and not that person who is speculating about what the bill WILL contain (if he is trying to be hero he should read it for us instead, unmasked)? He is a coward hiding behind a mask. If I did that it would scare you too. He’s just a Vendetta copycat. It did not inform me. “Anonymous” does not make a productive or intelligent argument at all.

    • bydesign001
      February 7, 2012

      I will not debate with you over this but I will say that there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

      Feel free to check out the above video, starting at 9:33 and be advised that what is going about with reference to detaining Americans indefinitely is going on not just on foreign soil and much of it has to do with Obama silencing any and all voices of opposition.

      Whether you agree with me or not, that is up to you. In time, all will be revealed.

    • AFVET
      February 8, 2012

      You stated ‘that we are too lazy to organize when ideas are complex’.
      That is in your third paragraph.
      How do you define complexity?
      Is complexity the aura of the liberal mantra over the common sense that Americans are starving for ?
      How about Obama dancing about while ruining the American economy.
      How do you feel about that Heather ?

    • CT in CA
      February 15, 2012

      “This White House has made its actions and laws more transparent than any before.” Or so he would have you believe!

      This administration has done so many things under the cover of darkness. What about passing Obamacare on the weekend behind closed doors, no CSPAN access; as promised during his 2008 campaign? All those promises of transparency are fiction. Have you ever seen a president so completely unwilling to answer questions for the press-corp? He always makes his tele-prompted speech and then turns and walks away! It’s really hysterical considering 98% of the press are his cheerleaders and don’t ask hardball questions (of HIM) anyway. And his guard dogs, (Gibbs and Carney) have to be tired of deflecting all the real questions…that go unanswered.

      The biggest thing that infuriates me lately is that Obama is so willing to make boldface lies. He listens very carefully to what plays well in the polls, then parrots the same language, only has no intention of doing anything of the kind. Perfect example: he’s adopted the Santorum policies of “talking about” trying to rebuild our manufacturing sector. He may win the election doing this, but some of us aren’t buying the repeat of broken promises. Why does he (and Holder) want to prevent South Carolina from getting more jobs? His actions speak louder than words. Just watch through the Republican primary what’s getting the attention & he will be “talking” the same game; no intention of action though. The problem of so many of his supporters (college students in particular) is that they catch his speeches & soundbites & he looks good. They’re not watching all the legislative takeovers & restrictions that are killing us; FinReg, Obamacare, just read others mentioned in this blog.

      I’ll give you, that he is a very charismatic speaker & can woo his audience with a little humor, despite his socialist leanings. I don’t doubt that he is a great husband and father either. I am not a hater…he’s just dangerous to this country and doesn’t believe in either our constitution or capitalism. Every major move he makes, brings uncertainty to business (big and small), and that will inevitably continue to erode the job opportunities and economic growth we need, to cut this crushing debt. He is single-handedly (OK, with Harry Reid’s help) killing the middle class, and will bring this country down!

      • Freedom, by the way
        February 15, 2012

        Traditional conservatives comprise a much larger percentage of voters than progressives. But progressives have 3 things going for them in this election:
        The Press.
        The administration.
        The laziness of the typical voter that, as you attest, don’t look beyond headlines and sound bites.

        We’ve got LOTS of work to do.

    • Freedom, by the way
      February 8, 2012

      Thanks for the additional information, bydesign. ALL Americans need to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes–and more recently–right before our eyes. Many leaders have taken part in usurping our liberties, however, the Obama administration is taking excecutive and government power to a new level that is truly dangerous to our constitutional rights.

      • CT in CA
        February 16, 2012

        …”the Obama administration is taking executive and government power to a new level that is truly dangerous to our constitutional rights.”

        Why have all his actions not triggered the normal judicial response? By letting this slide, we are accepting these actions as reasonable, by precedent.

        I have NO representation to complain to, since my senators, representatives, and governor are all democrats, who support it all! I have written just to make attempts to be heard, but I never get anything but a form letter back about all the great things they are doing on my behalf (against my better judgement).

        Just wait until a Republican gets in the white house and repeats any of these power grabs. We will hear about it loud & clear!

  11. nooneofanyimport
    February 10, 2012

    Hi! I really appreciate when non military folks bring up military issues. Many times, I say nothing re military pay on my blog, because I don’t want to be just another piglet on the teat, you know? The only time I’ve really said anything is when they actually threatened to delay our paychecks, which is such a breach of trust and contract and not just me squealing on account of getting less milk.

    You all make very good points, and let’s face it: if the dems can save a dime at the expense of the military, well they will do it. So I don’t hold any illusions here, regarding combat pay. But I will point out, there is a bad behavior which this change will discourage. Sometimes higher ranking types exploit the 3 day rule: flying in and out of a hazard duty pay area in just 3 or so days, and getting the hazard pay for the whole month. Hate to admit it, but it happens.

    Of course, if THAT was all they were trying to target, then they could have made the rule for a certain rank and higher only, or maybe by widening the 3 days to one or two weeks, etc . . .

    Also, military still gets their whole paycheck tax free when in a combat zone, right? I haven’t heard that has gone away. That one is a lot more important than the $225/month.

    cheers and thanks again for looking out for us military types.


    • AFVET
      February 10, 2012

      All pertinent points Linda, (Erma). :)
      Even though the present administration is presented as the most transparent in the US’s history, we all know better.
      The recent issue of placing women on the front lines is another question.
      With the present engagements, there are no ‘front lines’ per say.
      The enemy can come from anywhere at any time.
      Similar to the war in Vietnam.

    • Freedom, by the way
      February 10, 2012

      You guys (and gals) and their families have got to be taken care of. As far as the abuse you mention, I’m not surprised. Abuse is everywhere. Let’s clean it up–but not at the risk of our fighting men and women.

  12. Freedom, by the way
    February 16, 2012

    CT: I write my democratic senators, too. (Thank goodness my congressman is a conservative). Funny how the Dems screamed about Bush putting in the Patriot Act, but now that Obama has continued it, hardly a peep.

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