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Is Philadelphia the Most Racist City…or…what?

I think we can now say that “The City of Brotherly Love”  isn’t.

It’s racist. (Or at least a big portion of it is).

From a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

In 59 black wards in Philadelphia, Obama received 100% of the votes cast for president.

The total was

Obama: 19, 605


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4 comments on “Is Philadelphia the Most Racist City…or…what?

  1. robert O'Brien
    November 15, 2012

    Only God knows the amount of cheating that went on during this election. To not be in favor of presenting a valid picture ID to vote borders on insane for a right thinking person. But we need to remember that their are many, including President Obama who believe it is ok to lie, cheat and steal in the name of liberalism….because their cause is so noble in their eyes. It is sad that their cause is the unraveling of our society…our country… before our very eyes.

    It’s a good thing God is still in control!

  2. harper
    March 5, 2013

    Well, I’m not sure. It could be racism but in my honest opinion, Romney seemed like an arrogant, uneducated man. I go to an Afro-centric school but I am in no way racist. My literary/history teacher is white for crying out loud. I do admit, Obama being black did have a part in it. Let’s get real, black people being disrespected for a century, living in a white supremacy nation, being president? It like a poor person gone rich. Philly is brotherly love! I love Philadelphia dearly and seeing it listed as the most racist city in America breaks my heart because it simply isn’t true. You will always see racism everywhere yes, but overall Philly is very welcoming with kind hearted, socializing, mostly educated city. Whoever said otherwise is ignorant and has clearly never been to Philly.

    • Freedom, by the way
      March 6, 2013

      Unfortunately for the Romney campaign (and America) the view you have of Romney as arrogant is exactly as the mainstream media wanted you to see him. I think if nothing else comes out of the last very contentious campaign, I hope that voters in the future will take the time to really study the issues and rely on multiple sources for their information. The major media–networks, newspapers– undoubtedly have a love affair with Obama and slant their reporting to show him in a good light at all times. I admire your honesty for admitting that you, like many others, voted for Obama based partly on race. We all know that’s not the way to select a president but I can understand to a point. As a woman, if a woman is running for an office–and I agraee with her views–the fact that she is a woman pulls extra sway with me. We need more women in leadership roles!
      I used to live outside Philly and was in the city a lot. It is a wonderful city in many ways. The point of this post is that in those particular voting precincts–which I assume are mostly Black–100% vote for Obama? What are the odds of that unless many of those voting WERE voting based on race. My problem with Obama is not his race–it’s his view of the world, of where he wants to take America and what his administration is doing to destry our economy and our indivual freedoms. I think the government at all levels–federal, state & local, should be as small as possible to provide only essential services–and leave us alone to live our lives. Thanks for stopping in.

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